Llamas in Heaven

Kitten 2006-2013

Unknown X Katie  
~Kitten was Jamie Getz first llama to be used as a 4-h partner. She was as stubborn as they come! However, she was one of the original llamas to live on the farm! Kitten left this Earth from an unfortunate car accident. She is remembered and missed everyday since that unexpected event.

Rosie 2007-2013

Velvets Black Jack X Caribous Dutchess  
~Rosie was a rescue llama that was rehomed to us through the 4-h program. With little training, she became the perfect performance llama! Rosie was a natural in the showring and proved herself by obtaining mutiple Grand, Reserve, and Blue ribbons. We made a fantastic team and I cherish every moment I got to spend with her. Rosie passed away from a stress induced illness caused by the passing of her best friend Kitten. 

Tayme 2001 - 2015

Tatio X Mi Dulce
~Tayme was a beautiful red female that was used as a performance animal for Trent & Jamie Getz. Tayme was one of the original girls that started our farms. She was a dear family member that passed away very loved by everyone who got the opportunity to know her. 

Handsome "Hank" Justice 1995-2015

Unknown X Unknown
~Hank was rescued by Trebt Getz in 2014 from an unhealthy living enviorment of a farm. He was neglected love and care for many years before his rescue. Hank was a kind soul and a pleasure to have for his remaining year of living on Earth. 

Pallar 2008 - 2015

Peruvian Visteon X Picada
~Pallar was one of my first foundation females that I purchased to start my breeding program. She was a tall, tan/silver, elegant female who stood out in a herd. Pallar unfortunately had to be put down due to cancer. She was very loved and received a wonderful home to live out the rest of her days.